MINERGY believes that renewable energy sources can address the power capacity shortage (both short-term and long-term) while keeping rates affordable for electric power consumers in Mindanao. Moreover, it is also crucial that the company support the efforts of the private as well as the government sector for power plants to reduce carbon footprint of the Mindanao electric power supply system. Given these, MINERGY embarked on establishing power plants using renewable sources such as Hydro and Solar.

Cabulig Hydro Electric Power Plant

MINERGY explored hydro power growth options in this part of Mindanao. It constructed the 8MW Run-of-River Cabulig Mini-Hydro Power Plant in Plaridel, Claveria Misamis Oriental in 2012. This run-off hydro Power plant is MINERGY’s response to the increasing demand for power supply with the use of sustainable energy sources.

Bubunawan Power Company, Inc.

MINERGY has quite a substantial experience in running hydro plants. More so because of its efforts to operate and maintain the 7MW Bubunawan Hydro Power Plant which is owned by CEPALCO since the start of its commercial operation. The 7MW run-off-the-river Hydroelectric Plant is located in Baungon, Bukidnon, approximately 30 km south of Cagayan de Oro City.


Solar Photovoltaic is the fastest technology that can be deployed to address the power capacity shortage. These power plants are not competitive, but complementary, to base-load power plants.

Pursuant to our mission to contribute to the development of sustainable energy production, MINERGY in partnership with Solar Pacific Energy Corporation, has constructed the 10MW Kirahon Solar Power Plant.

10MW Kirahon Solar Power Plant

In 2014, MINERGY together with its partner Solar Pacific Energy Corporation established the grid connected Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in Kirahon, Villanueva called the Kirahon Solar Energy Corporation (KSEC). The 10 MWac PV plant started its operation last October 2015. The Kirahon Solar Plant is located at the 30 hectare property owned by MINERGY in Kirahon, Villanueva, Misamis Oriental.

1MW Indahag Solar Plant

MINERGY has honed its expertise in Solar Power generation by operating and maintaining the 1MW Solar Power Plant owned by CEPALCO located in Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City. This power plant has an installed capacity of 1.082 MWp using SHARP Polycrystaline PV modules (A total of 6,480 x 167 Wp). At the time of its construction, it was the first largest grid connected PV plant in the developing world.

Its Plant Design Considerations are:

  • Fixed array facing south; ground mounted
  • Grid-connected; no battery for storage system
  • Pilot implementation of a hydro-PV conjunctive use;
  • A distributed generation: displaces central generation; avoids transmission charges; defers costs of distribution upgrades or expansion
  • Designed to export 1,261,440 kWh annually